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MuscleMag® THIN Printable Strong High Energy Magnetic Sheeting

Expand your product offering by using your latex, digital or wide-format inkjet press to create strong car sign magnets using Magnum's MuscleMag® high energy printable magnetic material. MuscleMag printable magnets are specially formulated to be very thin to allow for smooth feeding and easy cutting while having stronger holding power than a refrigerator magnet.

Common Uses:

MuscleMag® is perfect for vehicle signage, as well as other signage and graphics applications that require thin but strong magnet material.

MuscleMag® Specifications

Magnum offers two standard varieties of its printable, high-energy magnet media, with custom material available upon request:

MuscleMag Inkjet for Inkjet Presses

  • Printable on a variety of Solvent, Eco-solvent, UV and Latex inkjet printers including Roland®, Mutoh®, Epson®, Oce®,
    Hewlett Packard® and Mimaki®.
  • Total thickness is 15 mil (.38 mm) or 30 mil (.72 mm)
  • Minimum magnetic pull is 60 lbs/ft2 (293 kg/m2) and 150 lbs/ft2 (732 kg/m2), respectively.
  • Material is provided fully magnetized.

MuscleMag Digital for Digital Presses

  • Printable on a variety of digital presses including HP Indigo®, Xerox iGen®, Kodak NexPress® and more.
  • Total thickness is 17 mil (.43 mm)
  • Minimum magnetic pull is 75 lbs/ft2 (366 kg/m2).
  • Material is provided unmagnetized and will require magnetization post-press with one of Magnum’s patented magnetizing solutions.

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