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Magnum Magnetics Handheld Magnetizers

Magnum® Magnetizers

Magnum Magnetics builds magnetizers to order in-house to magnetize our material post-print.

With printing directly to magnetic media, the question has always been how to run the material through your offset, flexo, or digital press and have a magnetized finished product.

We have developed a magnetizing solution to answer this question. Whether you are running high-volume projects or short-run sign jobs, Magnum Magnetics has a magnetizing solution for you.

Magnetizer Options

  • Motorized Magnetizer – Our motorized magnetizers are designed to magnetize cut sheets of Magnum® magnetic material and are the perfect choice for volume jobs done on a regular or semi-regular basis. Best of all, these motorized magnetizers are low maintenance (no belts to replace), very reliable, and economical! US Patent # 7,728,706.
  • Portable Desktop Magnetizer - Our desktop magnetizer is designed as an economical solution for small jobs. This system is durable, reliable, and low maintenance.  When you are not using it, close the case and store it for your next job. 
    US Patent # 8,174,346; Canada Patent # 2,832,276.
  • Handheld Magnetizer – Our handheld, non-motorized magnetizer is designed to provide an alternative for low volume and occasional jobs. This lightweight, durable magnetizer in a non-metallic housing will allow you to magnetize your magnetic sheeting after printing or lettering.
  • In-line Magnetization - Magnum Magnetics can also offer a magnetizing solution for all your in-line printing needs. Each of these systems is designed and custom-built for your particular process. Please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

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