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DigiMag XTRA

DigiMag® Xtra — Unmagnetized for Digital Presses

Magnum Magnetics is proud to offer DigiMag Xtra for digital presses.

DigiMag Xtra is available with your choice of premium paper and polypropylene surfaces, offering superior registration, smooth feeding, and superb ink adhesion and image quality.

DigiMag Xtra Specifications

DigiMag Xtra with paper or poly laminate has a 16 mil (.35mm) overall product thickness. Sheet size tolerance on length and width is +/- .030" (+/- .76mm); sheet weight is approx. 0.3 lbs. (0.1 kg); thickness tolerance +/- .002" (+/- .05mm).

DigiMag Xtra magnetic material is unmagnetized. Magnetize post-print using magnetizers available from Magnum Magnetics and built to order in-house.

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